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Medical college number of seats

Number of Colleges in India & in Maharashtra

  • Since last year, Institute Level Admissions are also based on Merit or Rank. Hence, only with the help of Money we cannot purchase any seat.
  • For those seats separate Admission Process is implemented. You will have to make separate registration and fill up separate option form for getting admission in those seats.
  • Fees for those seats are in higher side but you will get full info about it from time to time.
  • We will guide you about how many seats are available at the beginning and at the end of every round, so that timely decision could be taken to not to lose any opportunity.
  • Related to this you will get every help till actual admission in Private and Deemed Colleges in Maharashtra.
  • Initial Rounds are conducted at State Level and most of the seats are filled up in Rounds at College Level for which separate Admission Process is implemented by College. You will get updates from us.
  • Fees we charge for all above facilities (Mentioned in B) are Rs. 10000

There are three different types of MBBS Admission Procedures which every Student has to follow.

  • Procedure for MBBS Admission in Maharashtra in Govt. and Private Colleges on 85% Seats.
  • Procedure for MBBS Admission in Govt. Colleges all over India on 15% Seats.
  • Procedure for MBBS Admission in Deemed University Colleges all over India including Maharashtra.

For Completing all above Procedures, we help you a lot in a following way.

  • All three procedures are different and conducted online thru different Websites. Separate Registration and Separate Option/Preference Form is required to be filled.
  • We provide you up-to-date information of College Names, Seats available, Teaching Staff, Infrastructure etc.
  • We also guide you about how to fill up online or offline Application Form to make your Registration.
  • Filling Online Option form is a very tricky task. Considering your requirements and expectations, we design and decide list of Colleges arranged in a proper sequence. If you follow the same sequence than chances of your getting good College are maximum. We also guide you in taking a decision about whether to take admission in any particular Round or to wait for next Round or to find out other Options.
  • Your doubts or problems about documentation are also solved.
  • Fees structure of all Private or Deemed University Colleges will also made available to you.
  • Fees we charge for all above facilities (Mentioned in A) are Rs. 10000

Fees for above facilities (Mentioned in D) depend upon Country selected, will be informed to you latter on. If you want to get any or all of the Services A, B, C, D mentioned above, you will have to Register with us with all details and pay full fees in lump sum. Payment will not be accepted in instalments. You can make the payment in Cash, DD, Online / Direct Bank Transfer etc. Amount once paid is not refundable for any reason.

There are three different types of MBBS Admission Procedures which every Student has to follow.

  • In spite of less marks, if you are ready to take admission in any Private or Deemed University College in any type of seats in all India level, we will take special care of you.
  • In every State, Private College Admission Process Rules are different. Maharashtra students can participate in Admission Process of some States but not all States.
  • We will see that you will take part in every possible States Process.
  • We will guide you in Registration, Filling Option Form, and Documentation etc. as per the requirement of different State.
  • In each Admission Round, we will take important decision for you as whether to take Admission or not or to wait for next Round or for other options available in other States.
  • In this case, our responsibility is extended to Seats available in all States in Private and Deemed University Colleges.
  • We give services under this heading to only 20 Students on first come first basis. This number will not be increased for any reason.
  • Fees we charge for all above facilities (Mentioned in C) are Rs. 1,00,000. But if you don’t get admission in any College, we will refund your Rs. 90,000 on 15th October 2018.