Kedat Takalkar A Career Mentor

Medical Counselling


MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is an undergraduate degree for becoming a doctor. The duration of the MBBS course is 5 1/2 years and includes one year of rotational internship in hospitals, health care centres, NGOs, etc. Apart from this, there are various other medical courses such as nursing, physiotherapy, optometry, veterinary science, etc. which are also good career choices.

The are 3 different admission procedures for MBBS. We offer counselling for all procedures and how to go about the selection of the best college. Similarly, we offer counselling for all other medical branches which are mentioned above. We have an extensive data about various Govt., private and deemed medical colleges in the country and the available number of seats in each section. The fee structure of the private or deemed universities, information about infrastructure, etc. are also provided. We guide the students about the various entrance exams required for the medical field, how to prepare for them and other important points.

At the time of actual application, we guide you through the entire form-filling process, which can be quite daunting to do without proper assistance. We help you decide the sequence of colleges as per your preference and requirements. MBBS courses are offered in all countries. The ones in Russia and Philippines are particularly famous. If you are interested in pursuing your degree there, we offer guidance about that as well. Admission in any college requires a lot of documentation. We solve all your doubts and queries regarding this aspect. Institute level or management quota admissions are different from the regular ones. The application process, fee structure, availability of seats are completely different. If you wish to apply in this category, we offer guidance to the first 20 students on first come first serve basis.