Ways to maintain your mental well being to increase concentration

Owing to the tremendous amount of pressure, the unending competition and the vast syllabus to complete, we know that you students face a lot of mental issues such as anxiety, mental pressure and sometimes even depression. Hence it becomes very vital for you to take care of your mental health to have a peace of mind and retain your concentration.

Following are the ways in which you can take care of your mental well-being

  1. Value Your Potential

Everyone is capable of many things. Don’t underestimate yourself just because you didn’t do well in particular exam or test. It is important to keep practicing and keep trying till you make it perfect. Value your qualities and work hard to enhance them.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is very vital in maintaining your mental well being. There will be numerous distractions be it your friends, be it parties around, peer pressure or even social media. You have to shut it all down for your brain to concentrate on studies and things that will actually help you to reach your goal. Hence learn to meditate and have a control on your thoughts.

  1. Set Goals

When you set goals you are helping your brain figure out where it has to go and what it has to achieve. Hard work without setting goals is pointless. You would never know in which direction you are headed to. Whether it is a long term goal or whether it is short term goal, setting goals is very important for a student.

  1. Avoid Bad Company

This is the age when the people you surround yourself with have the most amount of influence on you. You are somewhat, the reflection of the company you are with. Bad company can lead you to bad paths and deviate you from achieving your targets whereas good people will always encourage you and help you out in the times of difficulties. By being around good people you definitely learn a lot of good things and inculcate them in your daily routine.

These are some of the things that help to keep you sanity intact. Prof. Takalkar have been counselling students as far as career and other things are concerned since ages. He also gives a huge amount of important to mental well-being of a student.

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