Kedar Takalkar – The Career Counsellor

Engineering, Architecture, Commerce, Medical and many more … for today’s young generation there are so many options to pursue. Due to the availability of so many options it becomes very difficult to choose an option which would satisfy the interests of the students as well as follow the current trend. While selecting a career path it is very vital to take into consideration your likes and dislikes. It is also about the willingness to work in a particular field. The recent times are defined by tough competition in each and every field. Besides, these days the children want a particular offbeat career while the parents want their child to go on a certain desired path and this results in conflicts. In such scenarios it is very important to consult somebody for guidance. This is where career counselling comes into picture.
Prof. Kedar Takalkar understands the current scenarios and is surely a ‘go-to’ man as far as career counselling is concerned. Being one of the most experienced career counsellors in Pune Mr. Takalkar has been awarded Times of India’s Best Career Counsellor Award. While deciding career for a particular individual, he and his team contemplate, examine and review many factors such as qualification, financial status, family background, skills, interests, ability, aptitude and time span an individual has.
After a lot of efforts and hard work, the amazing visionary that he is – Prof. Kedar Takalkar raised the whole empire of Takalkar classes. These classes are one of the best coaching classes in Pune. He has taken his coaching classes in Pune for 11th and 12th science to a whole another level with his sheer perseverance and hard work.
Utilising unique teaching techniques Prof. Kedar Takalkar has made sure that all his students study well and excel in their lives. His way of handling things and the method of teaching has inculcated deep trust amongst the students and parents towards Takalkar Coaching classes. The classes began in 198 with about just 25 students and today the coaching centre has more than 25000 students.
Prof. Kedar Takalkar is the proud author of books such as ‘Disha Abhyasachi’ and ‘Technique of Writing Answer Paper’. Being the editor of Marathi annuals like ‘Dahavi Diwali’ he has also produced TV serials for 10th std students such as ‘Ladhai Dahavichi’.
So what are you waiting for… to get the best career counselling head to Takalkar classes right away.

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